How to Delete Messages In Bulk on

by Bruce

Do you receive tons of emails on a weekly basis? If you do, then you probably get tired of having to delete all of those messages one by one. Well with the help of Gmail, you do not have to sit around having to delete all your emails one at a time. Instead you can delete hundreds of messages all at once. The process to delete unnecessary emails in bulk has been provided here. You will first have to sign into your account. Then, next to the Search the Web option at the top click on the “Create a Filter” option. In the field that says “Has the World” you will need to type the date to which you would like to delete all of the messages that you have received such as 2013/10/10. This will delete all of the messages that you have ever received before October 10th of the year 2013. Then click “Next Step.” Check the box that says “Delete It.” Finally click on “Create Filter.” Based on how many messages meet the criteria of the filter, the deletion procedure might take a few minutes. Deleting messages is hassle free with Gmail and it will take you 5-6 minutes of your time! Start using Gmail today!


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