People usually like colorful and different fonts. Everybody has its own choice of fonts. The marketing emails mostly use big and colorful fonts to make their messages look more attractive. The colorful and different styles of texts are an excellent solution to the boredom we get by using same colorless simple text every time.

Gmail has provided many options by which we can enjoy mailing. You can use cute emoticons and add pictures to your emails to make them fun.

You can simply change the style, color and font of your email messages on Gmail.

1. The compose box of Gmail has it all. You can click on the option “A” at the bottom of the email message box, through which you can change and choose your favorite fonts and colors.

2. The “A” option will provide you font styles, font sizes and other options related to fonts. It will also provide options for choosing paragraphing and numbering styles.

3. Right next to the font option “A”, you are provided with an attachment sign which helps you attach the files to email. The last option is a sign of “+’’ which allows you to add pictures, emoticons and other stuff to the email.

4. You can also use the key board shortcuts to alter the font style and paragraphing style. For example:

  • For bold font: Crtl + b
  • For Italic font: Crtl + i
  • For underline font: Crtl + u
  • For Numbered list: Crtl + shift + 7
  • For bulleted list: Crtl + shift + 8
  • For Align left: Crtl + shift + l
  • For Align center: Crtl + shift + e
  • For Align right: Crtl + shift + r
  • For indent less: Crtl + shift + [
  • For Indent more: Crtl + shift +]
  • For Quote sentence: Crtl + shift + 9

But there are no keyboard shortcuts for every procedure like changing font size and removing formatting doesn’t have a shortcut.

5. You can select your own default style for your message composition.

  • Click the setting option which is present at the upper right of the page.
  • Go to “Default text style” section, present in the general tab.
  • Choose your own font style; a sample sentence will be typed in the font selected by you.
  • Click save changes as you get your desired font style.
  • An option of removing format icon TX is also given that will reset the default font style.


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